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Piano Modoki

Version: 1.0.23
Sounds: Keyboards, Piano
Updated: 28 November, 2022
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A Simple Ad-Free Piano-like Musical Keyboard. Easy to Play, Good Response and Small Application Size. Just Enjoy the Instrument.

- You can scale key size.
- The keyboard can be double rows.
- It has a metronome.
- You can change sound pitch.
- You can transpose keys.
- It can sound in a just intonation.

Modoki is a Japanese word for "similar thing".
The app doesn't use sampled real sounds but use FM synthesis.
It sounds like piano though it's artificial.

Supported temperament: Equal temperament, Just Intonation.

You can connect External and Virtual MIDI devices.
Some DAW can import this app's sound via Inter-App Audio.

Two sounds, FM Piano-like and FM E.Piano are included by default.
After installing KQ Dixie, you can add sounds on the "Piano Modoki".