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LH Grain

Version: 2.91
Author: LIU HAO
Technology: Audiobus
Sounds: Keyboards
Updated: 07 June, 2021
$2.99     Download on the App Store

LH Grain, a two-channel granular synthesizer -- each channel independent for generation granular textures and adding FX -- focuses on both stunning sound and live performance.

To make your grains unique, LH Grain offers you 8 kinds of amplitude envelopes used for the grains and built-in samples furnishing a wide variety of wave shapes; moreover, there are 10 audio effects which give you more possibilities to process the sound and make the sound more complex.

To take advantage of LH Grain to deal with live performance, the touch pad visualizing the grains and the customizable pitch bar provide you with easy way to control the sound texture. The support for OSC format message makes it possible LH Grain’s associating with other devices in real time.

------notice -------
LH Grain does not support for Audiobus, sound recording and the way in importing extra audio.

--sample location control
--grain waveform selector
--frequency jitter
--grain duration & density control with touchpad
--pitch bar
--OSC format message receive & send
--sound file record
--file sharing

EQ, format filter, ring modulation, low pass filter, Multifilter, chorus, flanger, distortion, delay, reverb.