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Euclid Goes to Party AUv3 Bass

Version: 1.0
Sounds: Bass
Updated: 13 May, 2021
$4.99     Download on the App Store

Create sick techno bass lines instantly!

Euclid Goes to Party is a synth with a PWM oscillator and an euclidean sequencer. You can create techno bass lines very easily with its sequencer.

It has a mono PWM oscillator with an adjustable LFO that modulating the pulse width. You can shape the sound with its low pass filter. You can control the VCA's amplitude with an envelope generator. The attack and decay portions of the EG are adjustable. The envelope generator also modulates the cutoff an adjustable amount.

The sequencer can create euclidean rhythms up to 32 steps. You can also set the number of pulses and rotate the sequencer either left or right for creating interesting variations on the fly.

The app can work standalone with Ableton Link support. Also, the AUv3 plugin can work in host apps such as Garageband, AUM, Cubasis, apeMatrix, Nanostudio, BeatMaker etc.

In the AUv3 plugin, all of the parameters are accessible as AU parameters. You can automate them on supported host apps. Also, you may control them with MIDI CC messages on supported hosts as well. You can create user presets and save them into your host app.

Euclid Goes to Party created with the free and open-source iOS audio library AudioKit v5.