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XYZ Synth

Version: 1.2
Sounds: Keyboards
Updated: 23 April, 2020
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Make music with motion and control MIDI hosts by Bluetooth.

XYZ Synth.

Accelerometer Synthesizer and Bluetooth MIDI Controller.

XYZ Synth is a virtual analog synthesizer controlled by motion. Each parameter of the synthesizer can be changed by x, y and z axes getting you a precise control of the sound and generating incredibles melodies.
XYZ Synth is a new music instrument that allows you create music as never before.

XYZ Synth can be used as a Bluetooth MIDI controller too, allow you to control up to 72 parameters from the accelerometer values. Connect, for example, XYZ Synth from an iPhone to your favourite iPad DAW or instrument Bluetooth MIDI compatible and control them with the movement.

-X, Y, Z representation.
-X controls page.
-Y controls page.
-Z controls page
-Two Synthesizers.
-Base Oscillator.
-Oscillstor 5th.
-Sub Oscillator. 
-Filter Cutoff.
-Envelop Atack.
-Envelop Deacay.
-Envelope sustain.
-Freqiuency Modulator.
-Lfo Amount.
-Lfo Rate.
-Dealy feedback.
-Base Oscillator2.
-Oscillstor 5th2.
-Sub Oscillator2.
-Filter Cutoff2.
-Envelop Atack2.
-Envelop Deacay2.
-Envelope sustain2.
-Freqiuency Modulator2.
-Lfo Amount2.
-Lfo Rate2.
-Dealy feedback2.
-16 steps Sequencer.
-16 steps Arpeggiator.
-Delay tempo.
-Start/Stop Button.
-Reset unselected parameters button.
-First steps tutorial.
-Background audio.
-Bluetooth MIDI Controller:
-X Controller cc 20-43.
-Y Controller cc 44-67.
-Z Controller cc 68-91.
You can see how to connect XYZ Synth from an iPhone to an iPad DAW on the developer's page video.