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Version: 1.0.10
Sounds: Keyboards
Updated: 01 September, 2022
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VAMono is a virtual analog monophonic synthesizer inspired by iconic monophonic analog synthesizers of the 80's. The oscillators are capable of wide variety of modulation to shape the sound before the filtering stage. Pitch, shape and pulse width can be modulated by LFO, ADSR envelope. Xmod and Ring modulation offers audio rate modulation. Hard Sync offers a characteristic sync sound. Filter section and Amplifier offers classic sound of the iconic analog synthesizer of 80’s. Amp section additionally offers amplitude modulation followed by distortion and delay effect. VAMono offers built-in 64 step sequencer to sequence notes and parameters. Synthesizer and Sequencer can be used as an AudioUnit Extension (AUv3) or Stand Alone. Stand Alone Mode supports Ableton Link, Bluetooth MIDI and MIDI IN/OUT.

Main Features

AudioUnit Extension (AUv3)
- Virtual Analog Monophonic Synthesizer features two oscillators, one LFO, one lowpass filter, three envelope generator, one amplifier, distortion and delay effect.
- Oscillators are capable of producing continuously variable wave shapes and offers variety of modulation.
- Features two Amp Envelopes, Gate and ADSR. ADSR envelope is analog style non-linear envelope generator.
- 24 dB per octave lowpass filter and amplifier produces characteristic sound of iconic analog synthesizer in 80’s
- LFO provides seven wave shapes and can be synced with tempo.
Distortion and delay effects are included.

- Sample accurate 64 step sequencer capable of sequencing notes and parameter automation.

- Synthesizer and sequencer work as AudioUnit Extension (AUv3) and as Stand Alone.
- MIDI input and output
- 60 factory patches

Stand Alone (AU Host Application)
- Support Ableton Link
- MIDI input and output

System Requirements
- macOS 11.0 or later.