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Portable Dandy

Version: 1.3.1
Technology: Audiobus
Sounds: Keyboards, Other
Updated: 09 February, 2015
Free     Download on the App Store

Dandy is an intuitive and amazing sampler/synthesizer for iPhone. It really is a quirk, mind bending interactive composition with highly inspiring endless possibilities though very simple and sleek.

Portable Dandy is inspired by Dandy Desmonds composition “Magnetic Loops for 15 Tape Decks” from 1938. Which is one of the earliest known works of electroacoustic music, rediscovered just 5 years ago.

- Pitch Jog Wheel
- scratch The Wheel with two fingers
- psychedelic sound effects
- up to 28 changeable samples (manage via iTunes)
- Shake to restore original pitch.
- AudioBus

Proudly made by east-german hackers.

"Portable Dandy is a very nice app, just spent some time with it and really enjoyed the sounds." & "It's a great app that we look forward to spending more time with" -- BoulangerLabs

"Portable Dandy comes with a really original UI, and is really funny to use... A Super App for Free at this moment. So don't hesitate to download it!" -- Apps4idevicesMusic