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E–Theremin MKII

Version: 1.2
Sounds: Other
Updated: 29 October, 2015
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Turning your iPad in to a classic sounding theremin.

The E-Theremin MkII translates the unique and distinctly eerie sound of the theremin onto a digital interface, allowing you to control pitch and volume on a x/y pad. A second x/y pad is provided for controlling vibrato. Additional controls are accessible for control of the waveform, band pass filter, and envelopes. Two DSP effects; reverb and delay let you take your sound to a whole new level. The reverb's room size can be set to small room all the way up to unearthly vast spaces.

1.2 introduces a 4 octave keyboards and two part polyphony (one part for X/Y pad, one part for keyboard).

Get the that classic sci-fi / horror sound!
Get the E-Theremin MkII!

– 4 waveforms
– ADSR amp envelope
– BP Filter with Q
– X/Y Pad for pitch and amp control
– 2nd X/Y Pad for pitch modulation/vibrato
– New 4 octave Keyboard
– Audiobus support
– IAA (Inter-App Audio)