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Version: 2.1
Sounds: Keyboards
Updated: 29 March, 2020
Free     Download on the App Store

AutoArp turns your iPhone (or iPod Touch) into a musical instrument that is halfway between a traditional auto-harp zither and an arpeggiated analogue-style synth. Select a chord and strum the "strings" with your fingers to create a retro-futuristic backing to your music.

AutoArp is FREE, with a fixed set of songs. Full functionality, including creating, editing and sharing songs, MIDI support and transposing can be unlocked via an in-app purchase (at the lowest price tier). This means you can try it for free and hear the results for yourself!

The synth engine features:
• square, pulse and sawtooth waveforms,
• attack and release envelope controls,
• a resonant low pass filter with cutoff and resonance controls,
• monophonic or polyphonic playback
• tremolo effect with LFO frequency and depth
• simple Echo effect

Up to 16 chords (12 on iPhone 4s and below) can be selected per 'song' and configured onto the playing buttons, allowing you to switch quickly between songs to load a new set of chords. Alternative bass notes can also be set for each chord. There are 22 chord types, ranging from major and minor to jazz chords like minor 11th and major 7th with a sharp 11th!

More Features:
* Audiobus support for inter-app audio (even on iOS 6), so you can wire AutoArp up to loads of other great FX, mixing and recording apps
* Improved audio engine, built using The Amazing Audio Engine (from A Tasty Pixel), with lower latency
* MIDI support, including hardware CoreMIDI-compatible interfaces, inter-app MIDI and even network MIDI (paid version only)
* Share songs with other AutoArp users via email (paid version only)
* Transpose playback +/- 6 semitones to play in any key (paid version only)