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BLEASS groovebox

Version: 1.7
Author: BLEASS
Sounds: Keyboards
Updated: 22 April, 2020
Free     Download on the App Store

Professional music production instrument for studio and live performance. Get inspired and instantly build loops and songs with a unique multitrack sequencer experience!

BLEASS groovebox brings music production and performance to its very core: play, perform, compose beats, chords and melodies in a new yet intuitive way thanks to its multitrack sequencer, monophonic & polyphonic synthesizers and drum machines.

BLEASS groovebox has been designed for both iPhone and iPad and offers great performance and stability thanks to its powerful realtime audio engine and fully customizable parameters: go deep in the shaping of electronic sounds without being limited by factory presets.

Record, import and edit your own samples and make sick beats out of the 16 steps sequencer with customizable filters and grooves, as well as binary and ternary quantization. Customize endlessly your monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers by tweaking the effects, envelopes and LFOs !

Unique slider controls, long-press & multi-touch controls make this groovebox a perfect live tool: Record/Edit/Start/Stop/Copy/Paste your patterns as you feel like, build and arrange your songs on the fly, apply reverb or delay effects, and let the music live!

BLEASS groovebox supports Ableton Link and Inter-App Audio and also works in complete synergy with all of your studio soft- and hardware gear using MIDI IN/OUT and SYNC OUT features. Manage your project files, audio export, import your own samples thanks to the Apple iOS Files Integration. Load BLEASS groovebox in your favorite host or plug your iPhone or iPad in an external sound card to enjoy virtual and physical multi-track output routing.

> low-CPU and low-latency iOS-dedicated audio engine
> up to 16 steps per bar
> up to 8 bars per sequence
> separate groove settings per track
> binary and ternary time signatures and quantization
> live and song modes
> tap tempo
> metronome
> speed control for each sequence ( x 0.5 / x1 / x2 )
> multi-touch solo button for each track
> start & stop sequences with single tap and double tap
> 2 FX sends
> 4 tracks sequencer
> optimized workflow for a smooth live/studio experience
> notes swapping : easily move a note to a different step
> major and minor scales

> 6 user-customizable samples per track
> sample length, attack, release and pitch settings
> low pass and high pass filters
> post and pre- drive and bitcrusher settings
> velocity settings per step (with random velocity option)
> sample import via iCloud or Files

> up to 9 virtual-analog synthesizers for each track
> 2 oscillators + 1 noise
> 1 amplifier envelope
> 2 filters with 1 envelope
> post and pre- drive and bitcrusher
> 2 LFOs
> presets loading
> pitch envelope

> on the fly chords performance with scales
> up to 4 virtual-analog synthesizers for each track
> 2 oscillators + 1 noise
> amplifier and pitch envelope
> 2 filters with 1 envelope
> strumming
> bitcrusher
> 2 LFOs
> presets loading

> expression panels (pads or keyboard) with beat repeat
> on the fly sequence recording with quantization
> sample recording
> iCloud synchronization
> live audio export
> Ableton Link & Inter-App Audio compatibility

You can access all the BLEASS PRO FEATURES by purchasing the full unlock (pay once and own forever).
As a PRO user, you gain access to all premium features, all samples and all presets packs, as well as upcoming new features and instruments added continuously:
> Access to all samples packs (over 1000 samples). New sample packs added regularly!
> Projects files management : load, save, import, export…
> MIDI in/out
> MIDI LEARN (control changes)
> MIDI sync out
> Presets saving
> MIX panel
> FXs parameters customization : reverb, delay, ping pong delay
> External Audio Routing
> Virtual Audio Routing (open separate BLEASS audio channels into any compatible host)

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