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Version: 1.1.3
Sounds: Keyboards
Updated: 27 August, 2022
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Tardigrain is a granular synthesiser for iOS that runs standalone or as an AU plugin. Sounds are created by taking smaller fragments of a sample and playing them back in a non linear fashion, with settings for grain size, direction, step size and more. Process the sound further through effects like reverb, wave shaper and sample crush. Tardigrain supports connections with AudioCopy, AudioBus, Inter App Audio and AUv3. Plus all audio parameters can be modulated by MIDI, as AU parameters and by aftertouch on the build in keyboard. Now also a selected set of parameters can be modulated by LFOs och notes triggered by a new sequencer/arpeggiator.

+++ Record your own samples or import using AudioCopy/drag'n drop
+++ Chromatic granualar playpack
+++ Effects (Wave shaper, Reverb, Sample crusher, Pitch and stereo spread)
+++ Resonant filter (low, band and high pass)
+++ Keyboard and MPE modulation of any audio parameters
+++ Note trigger sequencer/arpeggiator
+++ 4 LFO sources for modulating a selected set of parameters
+++ Multiple factory presets to get you started
+++ Save and load your own settings and samples
+++ Inter App Audio, AudioBus and AUv3
+++ Core MIDI, Inter App Audio MIDI and AUv3 MIDI