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FAC Phazer

Version: 1.1
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 17 June, 2020
$5.99     Download on the App Store

This is an AuV3 fx

• Inspired by famous phaser units from guitarist and keyboardist world
• Unique sonic character combined with a large amount of control
• Adjustable LFO; custom waveforms and synchronizable to host tempo
• External modulation (parameters)
• Unique VU meter design (Butterfly): levels and lfo indicator
• Suitable for all musical genres and instruments
• Stereo, adjustable phase modulation distance between both channels
• Includes various presets for inspiration
• iOS AuV3 - Universal (iPad/iPhone)

FAC Phazer will satisfy most fans of phasing effects, and will seduce them by its rich sonic palette offer along with its elegant interface. To get the classic phase effect, the original signal is blended with a slightly out of phase copy of itself. Altering the timing difference between both signals will produce the swooshing kind of sound.

Most of the phaser units available on the market are built around this circuit topology, with their own specificities and limitations. Guitar pedals provide great sonic signature out of the box and are a great source of inspiration, but we tend to forget that built-in fx section of some hardware synthesizers are very outstanding too. FAC Phazer has the best of both worlds, all in one single plugin providing access to a lot of parameters involved in the building of the typical phasing effect.

The design development has been inspired by some pedals as well as built in phaser effects available on hardware synthesizers. This gave birth to the characters Classic and Tirus. All the parameters can be applied on both of them to reach new personal, exciting and outstanding sounds.

The presets Slow Phase Pedal, Moderate Phase Pedal, Jumpy Phase Pedal or also Fleur d’Oranger bring the pedals sound signature within your reach. On the other hand, the preset Tirus Anthem is a good start to explore the phase kind of effect you can get from synthesizer built-in fx.

A very valuable asset, which strongly contributes to the sonic palette variety, is the modulation options brought by the plugin. The LFO can run either in free mode, synchronised to the host tempo or also being defined externally by automation curves.