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Audio Expander AUv3 Plugin

Version: 1.04
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 28 January, 2019
$4.99     Download on the App Store

This is an AUv3 compatible audio expander which can be used as a plugin with your favourite DAW such as Cubasis, Meteor, Auria or GarageBand. It supports a graphical interface and presets with stereo metering to monitor signal levels.

The expander can be used to increase the dynamic range of the audio signal by reducing specific bandwidths that fall below a specified threshold. This is essentially the opposite of a compressor and can be used when you have a noisy recording and want to reduce the volume of the quieter parts to reduce noise. Expanders are also great for enhancing drum tracks creating gated effects which give your drum tracks more punch.

This is one of a suite of AUv3 compatible plugins which will also be available from 4Pockets.