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JAF DeeJey - Full Range Filter

Version: 1.0
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 30 October, 2020
$6.99     Download on the App Store

The JAF full range filter (Audio Unit) allows fading from low-pass to high-pass, which is often asked by DJs for spicing their mixes in realtime.

This Audio Unit, a filter, part of our JAF Series, is specialized for continuously fading the processed audio signal seamlessly between lowpass and highpass in performance situations. The center position of the cutoff will pass thru the unfiltered sound. A tube like saturation effect can be applied too.

The particular feature of fading between low and high
frequency is often asked by DJs for their special purposes, but only few products actually will offer such essential feature directly or even at all. Building own filter setups with 2 filters usually can be problematic for allot of possible reasons.

Our unit comes with 12 different selectable none-linear filter characteristics that are well known from our flagship product, the “JAF Collection”. These filters are modelled after ancient hardware filters from the golden age of analog synthesizer technology and will deliver unreached authenticity with all the quirks. They were initially thought for freshing up digital audio material and creative usage.

The filters all support fine-tuned “peak” and “drive” parameters and therefore will have a great amount of sonic variability. The drive will add tube like saturation to the filter models but also will touch the internal filter characteristics. Most of the models have high resonance and in fact can act as tone generators due to their ability of self oscillation.

We overworked each single filter model carefully for supporting the analog style continuous fading between lowpass and highpass, which is technically difficult to solve. Special attention was applied to the center position, which usually should pass the audio signal untouched for keeping it free of fading artefacts and possible other negative side effects while sweeping the cutoff and turning back to the allpass.

Our filters are real stereo processing filter units and can produce quite extreme values. They have unmatched sonic qualities, usually not found with common digital filters. This behaviour is intended.

We hope, that we can close the gap for all DJ enthusiasts with this release now, giving them a filter plugin, that is easy to use and specialised for applying interesting sounding frequency sweeps to their mixes.

JAF DEEJAY is available exclusively on the Apple iOS platforms and will not be released on any other systems.