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Version: 1.0.3
Author: Bram Bos
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 06 October, 2020
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WOOTT is an Audio Unit plugin (AUv3 audio effect) inspired by the infamous OTT sound.

WOOTT uses a triple band dynamics algorithm with simultaneous downwards AND upwards compression, and adds a dedicated limiter to each band. So what's all that techno mumbojumbo good for?

1. First, it slams all the loud, dominant aspects of your sound
2. Next it blows up all the subtle quiet bits that were hiding below

As a result, it's perfect for:
- Blowing up average sounds to massive proportions
- Giving an aggressive sharp edge to synthesizer filters
- Bringing out subtle details and movement that would otherwise get lost in the mix (in a hamfisted way, though)
- Dusting off old breakbeat samples and loops
- Hyping specific aspects of your synth lines
- Making generally boring things more interesting

WOOTT features:
- AUv3 audio unit effect plugin
- Universal (all iPads and iPhones supported), iOS11+
- Runs in all your favorite plugin hosts: Cubasis, AUM, Beatmaker 3, Nanostudio 2, Garageband, etc.
- Multi-output (requires compatible host) for post-processing the individual bands
- Low-resource, so stack as many of them as you like - "[WO]OTT all the things!"
- Downwards *and* upwards compressors (a rare feature on conventional dynamics plugins)
- Smart soft limiter per band, adapts to its own band's specific settings
- Mono switch makes low-band signal monaural for an extra tight bass

Note: this is not a subtle effect. If subtle and minimal are what you're after, this is not the droid you're looking for :-)

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