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Drum Surgeon AUv3 Plugin

Version: 1.01
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 25 November, 2020
$7.99     Download on the App Store

DrumSurgeon is an AUv3 plugin designed for use in your favourite DAW such as AUM, Cubasis or GarageBand etc.

Drum surgeon is a dynamics / transient processor specifically designed for fine tuning your drums. So your drum sounds are lacking punch and lost in the mix? This is where Drum Doctor can really help by allowing you to literally shape and boost your kit to break through the mix safetly and without clipping.

The attack or onset of a sound is known as its transient. By controlling the level, shape and duration of these sounds, you change the dynamics of a drum track to achieve that perfect tightness, while boosting them to give your kick the right punch and snare the right amount of bite.

Use the saturation to overdrive your mix prior to shaping. This can drastically change the character of some drum sounds at the filtering stage. The single LP/HP filtering knob lets you quickly find the tone that suits combined with the 8 band EQ to define your sound.

Finally the intensity knob allows you to control the level of dynamics applied to your mix. Automate this in real time when you want to relax or accentuate your drum track during your song.


○ Supports factory and user presets.
○ Add bite using the Attack & Hold controls.
○ Use the Release to get extra dynamic range.
○ Both Attack and Release can be inverted to transform the dynamics.
○ LP/HP filtering.
○ Saturation control.
○ 8 Band Graphic EQ.
○ Real-time gain display.
○ Intensity control to amplify the effect up to 200%.
○ Limiter/clipper for driving your sound to the max.
○ Auto ranging option for graphing.