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M/S Processor

Version: 1.8.5
Technology: Audiobus
Updated: 21 August, 2021
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M/S Processor is an Inter-App Audio and Audiobus-compatible iOS application intended for audio professionals requiring Mid/Side (M/S) signal processing.


While the most common use case for M/S Processor is decoding a M/S signal to L/R, the reverse process (encoding L/R to M/S) is also possible. A third mode, inline mode, is also included. In this mode, a stereo signal is encoded to M/S, and then decoded again to L/R. This 2-in-1 mode is useful for tasks such as narrowing or widening the stereo image, or muting the M or S channels independently for creative or experimental purposes.

Inter-App Audio and Audiobus

M/S Processor is most useful when used together with other Inter-App Audio or Audiobus-compatible apps to process any stereo or M/S audio signal.

Main Features

• Supports MFi or CCK-compatible audio devices with at least 2-input channels
• Supports Inter-App Audio and Audiobus (acting as a filter)
• Encode, Decode, and Inline processing modes
• Peak and RMS metering for input and output channels with peak overload indicator
• Gain (-48dB to +24dB) rotary controls (per channel)
• Linked Gains button
• Swap Channels (M to S, L to R) button
• Mute, and Phase Rotation buttons (per channel)
• Hi-res Retina graphics


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