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Version: 1.3
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 09 September, 2022
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ChannelEqualizer is a three band EQ AudioUnit Extension plugin, developed as an add-on for VADrumSM.

ChannelEQExtension  (AUv3)

Low Shelving
- Frequency Range: 21Hz - 1092Hz
- Gain -INF - +12dB
- High Pass Filter response: 12dB / Oct

Mid Peak / Notch
- Frequency Range: 152Hz - 2409Hz
- Gain -36dB - +24dB

High Shelving
- Frequency Range: 296Hz - 21096Hz
- Gain -INF - +12dB
- Low Pass Filter response: 12dB / Oct

Host application uses system audio input as an audio source and processed audio signal is routed to the system audio output.