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Version: 1.02
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 28 January, 2021
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TalkWorks is an AUv3 plugin designed to give any sound a human vocal like quality by simulating vowel sounds found in human speech. In reality when you change your mouth shape you are filtering the sound to make those familiar vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u). TalkWorks uses a special digital filtering technique to simulate this.

You can fully customize up to 10 vowels sounds to your liking, then use one of 5 play modes to add dynamics and movement to your sound. You can randomly switch between vowels in one of several ways, either abruptly or using smooth fades, and control the speed of the movement. 

You can even program your own custom sequences of vowel steps. Each sequencer step controling the type of transition, duration and modulation type. Sequences can be looped or one shot, re-triggered by incoming MIDI notes.

For none sequencer modes you can enable random modulation, which randomly fades in a sweeping vibrato which changes speeds, then locks to tempo for dramatic effect.

Various random operations allow generation of custom vowels or vowel sequences. Each vowel consists of 3 formants which have seperate frequencies and level controls. You can even attach custom names to your vowels.

• Customize 10 vowel sounds.
• Full editing of vowels.
• Auto sync to host tempo.
• 5 play modes.
• Pattern mode, with one shot and looping.
• Randomize feature for vowels and patterns.
• MIDI and audio level retrigger of patterns.
• Random Modulation.
• Load and Save custom presets.
• MIDI remote control of various parameters using CC values.
• Remote vowel switching using MIDI.

Note: This is an AUv3 plusin which needs to be loaded into a DAW host program in order to function. It is compatible with hosts such as AUM, Cubasis and NS2 etc.