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iFX Rack

Version: 1.1.31
Updated: 23 March, 2022
$9.99     Download on the App Store

• The #1 ALL Inclusive Effects Rack
• Licensed Overloud™ Vintage keyboard Effects Suite
• Tons of new IAP Effects Added
• Only One iFX Rack Needed in one app

• NEW TalkBox® Effect
• NEW CloudVerb (Creatomspheric Reverb)
• NEW PhatFilt Filter FX
***New FX Modules not included with ALL FX Expansion

iFX Rack is an analog modeled virtual effects rack for your iOS Device. In partnership with Overloud™, we have licensed the, ever so popular VKFX™ effects suite, which is included in the initial purchase. The VKFX suite is a meticulously modeled vintage analog effect processor, which aims to recreate classic vintage hardware using actual analog circuit modeling. It has been the most beloved effects suite ever created for the desktop and our iFX Rack is providing the same exact effects to you along with a recreation of the original factory presets. iFX Rack is your all encompassing effects rack with all of the virtual effects you need in one app.

Here is what is included in the initial purchase:

1. Preamp with Two band EQ
2. Stereo Auto-Pan
3. Analog Chorus
4. Tube Amplifier with Three Band EQ
5. Spring Reverb
6. Envelope and Dynamic Filter Wah
7. Opto-Compressor
8. Phase Shifter
9. Overdrive
10. Multi-Tap Tape Delay with Multiple Modes


▪ AUv3
▪ 93 Factory Presets from VKFX Library Ported Over
▪ MIDI Learnable Automation
▪ Modulation FX Syncable
▪ Dynamically Drag-able FX Chain Slot Assignment
▪ Highly CPU Efficient coding
▪ Flexible Preset Management with Favorite Options

The 17 IAPs below can be purchased as a complete package or individually:

▪ Master Limiter with Soft Clipping and Tube Saturation
▪ 11-Band EQ
▪ SUB Harm - Sub frequency modulator/enhancer
▪ AMP Combo and Speaker Simulation
▪ Degrade - Sample Quality Bit Reduction
▪ Detune - Pitch Shifter Thickener
▪ Rotar - Rotary Speaker/Leslie simulation with physical modeled parameters
▪ DimenD - Dimension D Chorus emulation
▪ DISTORTIT - Nasty Distortion unit
▪ Stereo Widener Chorus - Turns any mono sound into a stereo with slight warm chorusing
▪ ST Widener Enhancer - Enhance stereo signals with Safe Bass frequency option to keep mono and two spread modes
▪ Amp Sim - A convolution IR with popular AMP Simulations
▪ FVerb - Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb
▪ MVerb - Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb
▪ Spring Reverb - Rare and vintage spring reverbs
▪ Flanger - Warm Flanger effect
▪ FantasyVerb - A convolution reverb containing iconic spaces and analog reverbs such as:

**All other future FX will not be included in the 17 FX Bundle. You will Need to purchase them separately.

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