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Version: 1.0.0
Updated: 05 July, 2017
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Bass Multi-Effects Processor!
Unique Fuzz, Wah, Flanger and others
"Yai Yai Sound" which combines AutoRevolvingWahB + RingMix is a good feeling.
supports Inter-AppAudio.

Hi, Everyone in the bass players!
A multi-effects processor for electric bass guitar was born.
Simply connect the electric base guitar to iPhone / iPad, you can enjoy unique sound effect like no other!

Compatible audio interfaces are Apogee JAM, iRig, iRigHD, TASCAM iXZ.
the app supports "Inter-App Audio" which works together with applications such as GarageBand.

"When it gets stuck with recording", "When getting tired of the usual sound", please try using fantastic jgBassEffects.
It realizes low latency and real time output, and it corresponds to any electric bass guitar!

++ Effector Details ++
Up to three effectors can be used simultaneously.
We are planning to add a new effect.

+ Noize Gate +
Reduce noise.
Control: Sens, Press

+ B Fuzz +
Sweet tone but intense fuzz.
Control: Blend, Gain, Hunny, Color

+Bass Delay +
A standard delay is also available.
Control: Blend, Time, Feedback

+ Bass Reverb +
Simple reverb is also available.
Control: Strength

+ Ring Mix +
Overdrive, characterized by ring modulation.
Control: Blend, Gain, Tone

+ Auto Revolving Wah B +
Auto Rotation Filter Wah.
Control: Color, Speed, Q

+ Mod x Flanger +
Strong flanger by modulation.
Control: Blend, Depth, Range

+ Tremolrato B +
Tremolo + Vibrato + Panning effect.
Control: Time, Depth, Rate, Tremol

++ Compatible device ++
It is recommended to use newer models than iPhone 5s and iPad mini 4.

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