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Version: 1.2
Author: TTrGames
Technology: Audiobus
Updated: 15 May, 2019
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Use Your stereo USB AD Converter as a dual mono input and mix the two inputs in stereo. Just plug any compatible USB analog-to-digital converter to Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch* using the Camera Connection Kit and use its stereo inputs (left and right) as two independent mono inputs and mix two instruments with line level output** into a stereo signal with level control and stereo panning.

DMIMixer also works with the built-in or plugged-in microphone but in that case both input channels will use the same mono input. In this case You can still pan, amplify and monitor the input signal.

DMIMixer supports Audiobus so You can filter or record Your instruments using Your favourite Audiobus enabled apps.


- Set level and pan for each input channel independently
- Set level of the overall stereo mix
- Level can be varied between -INF to +12dB
- Double-tap on any knob to set to default value
- See the incoming or the outgoing audio signals on the built-in oscilloscopes
- Monitor the incoming or outgoing audio signal levels on the built-in VU meters
- Set the levels to clipping volumes go or beyond to achieve distortion
- Use DMIMixer standalone or as an input device in Audiobus

Check the demo made by thesoundtestroom at

Check the introduction video at
and the features at

* Compatible with iPad2, iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th gen or newer. Requires iOS 7 or newer.
On older devices such as iPhone 4 where the Camera Connection Kit is not supported only the microphone input will work, thus You can use DMIMixer with limited functionality.

** To use external microphones or guitars You should use a DA Converter which accepts microphone level input or use a separate preamplifier to get line level signals.