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DrumsLive Lite

Version: 1.7
Technology: Audiobus
Sounds: Drums, Percussion
Updated: 04 June, 2020
Free     Download on the App Store

Welcome to the Lite version of DrumsLive.
Find out the ultra-realistic sounds and the ultra-low latency of DrumsLive!

In the full version, there are three settings for the latency values​​.

This free version is limited to one drum kit and the MIDI In notes are not programmable and have a static velocity level.

Plus it lacks all the pro features available in DrumsLive, including full MIDI and VirtualMIDI support with enhanced learn mode, a full mixer with pan-pot, recording with selective overdub, quantization and humanizer, audio export to iTunes, E-mail, Dropbox, AudioCopy, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio with any compatible audio app, iPod library support, stroke roll and much more!

The MIDI dynamics in DrumsLive Lite are set to 127, but in the full version you can play with all the dynamics (0-127) since there are more than 200 high-quality samples.

This Lite version, it is not recommended for live use, the dynamics are locked and there are no other settings for latency, features found in the full version for a fee.

For more information about DrumsLive please visit the dedicated website: