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Chorus Sampler

Version: 1.1
Sounds: Other
Updated: 12 August, 2020
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Chorus Sampler is a professional, versatile sampler. It features sample recording, cropping, audio importing/exporting, looping, and configurable per sample effects.

The interface is optimized for live performance and backed with a rock-solid, low-latency audio engine. Chorus Sampler is the perfect tool for one shots and is configureable for 8, 16, or 24 on-screen samples.

State-of-the-art recording and effects capabilities allow you to bring your creativity to the forefront.

Samples can be played in one of 4 modes:
• Tap to play
• Tap to repeat
• Hold to play
• Hold to repeat

Samples can be imported from audio files or from tracks in your music library. Recorded samples can be exported using the File Sharing feature.

Up to 3 effects can be applied to each sample. Each effect and filter has adjustable parameters that can be tuned in real-time or in advance to create the perfect sound.

Built-in effects include:
• Bit Crush
• Chorus
• Decimator
• Delay
• Flanger
• Phaser
• Reverb
• Tempo
• Tremolo
• Wah

Built-in filters include:
• 7-Band Equalizer
• High-pass
• Low-pass

Play samples by tapping or using any MIDI controller (including sample pads, drum pads, or keyboards). MIDI mapping can be customized to control which MIDI pad or key maps to which sample.

Chorus Sampler is compatible with Audiobus 3 and Inter-App Audio and uses 48KHz/24-bit audio.