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iFretless Brass

Version: 4.0.12
Updated: 29 April, 2021
$9.99     Download on the App Store

iFretless Brass enables guitar and string instrument players to play expressive music with a variety of instruments. It includes a detailed library of samples from real brass instruments as well as a collection of classic synth sounds. Each note is sampled at nine different volume levels in order to capture the full range of tones produced by the original instrument.

Key features:
1) Supports MIDI input and output for interface with external devices such as digital pianos and electronic wind instruments as well as virtual MIDI compatible iOS apps.
2) A patented algorithm uses the accelerometer accurately detects touch pressure on the screen and respond with dynamic selection of samples of the appropriate timbre and volume.
3) Responds to fretless vibrato and between-note slides in a natural way, making it one of the most expressive performance interfaces available anywhere.
4) MPE MIDI support
5) Audio Unit support allows you to use the app as a virtual instrument inside of audio recording and mixing apps such as GarageBand

Sound library includes:
Trumpet 2
French Horn
Muted Trumpet
and a collection of classic synth samples