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Version: 1.2.3
Sounds: Keyboards
Updated: 27 August, 2022
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The mobile version of GSi VB3

GSi VB3m simulates the famous american tonewheel organ better known as the Hammond Organ B3.

Main features:
- Two manuals plus pedalboard
- Two sets of 9 drawbars each for upper and lower manual
- Two drawbars for the pedalboard
- Physical modeling engine with full polyphony (91 tonewheels)
- Rotary speaker effect with two variations plus one static amp
- Virtual microphone positioning
- Tube overdrive simulation
- Two band equalizer
- Digital reverb
- Program bank with 32 memory locations
- On screen keyboard (upper manual only)
- Split function
- Pedal-to-lower function
- Pedal String Bass decay
- Global tuning between A=430 Hz and A=450 Hz
- Fully customizable Midi CC Mapping with Midi Learn function
- Reverse all drawbar CC option
- Sustain pedal support for sustaining notes
- User selectable Midi channels
- Freely assignable Program Change numbers
- Low latency Core Audio support
- IAA support
- AUv3 plugin extension included
- Background audio option
- Free Cloud service to easily exchange Programs and Midi Maps

Please note: to connect a USB-Midi controller, please use Apple's Camera Connection Kit (Lightning to USB-A). Don't connect your recharge cable to a USB host port, that won't transfer Midi data. For better performance, make sure your battery is fully charged or power your device wherever possible.

For more details, please read this Q&A article: