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Roland Zenbeats

Version: 3.1.3
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Sounds: Drums, Percussion
Updated: 21 December, 2022
Free     Download on the App Store

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Find your creative flow.

Roland Zenbeats is a music creation app that keeps you in an effortless artistic flow. Get started on any mobile device or computer platform and make music anywhere, anytime. With its collection of both modern and legendary sounds, Zenbeats brings Roland’s history of innovation into a new, mobile-friendly format.

The app is your instrument.

Whether you’re an emerging musician or an established producer, Zenbeats makes music creation easy. Build beats, compose full multitrack songs, or sample the world around you. Wherever you are, no matter what platform or device you use, capture your creative spark with Zenbeats.

A universe of sound.

Whatever style you’re working in, you’ll find the perfect sounds for your tracks in Zenbeats. From vintage Roland JUNO and JUPITER tones to diverse and progressive instruments for any genre, the 14,000-plus presets will keep your compositions fresh and exciting.

ZR1. The future of beatmaking.

Our ZR1 Drum Sampler is a new kind of beat machine. Fast track your percussive prowess with seminal Roland drum tones from the TR-808, TR-909, and more.

Sample your world.

Sample and import directly into ZR1’s drum pads with the touch of a finger.

Edit. Refine. Repeat.

Tweak your sounds with advanced editing functionality. Manipulate and chop your one-shot samples with the slice editor and quickly crop and fade as needed.

ZC1. Roland’s most advanced synth engine.

ZC1 is a versatile synthesizer based on our powerful ZEN-Core Synthesis System. The free version features signature Roland synth sounds and 60 presets, driven by a sleek touch-based interface with an X/Y pad for easy sound manipulation. When you unlock the full version of ZC1, you get over 900 additional presets and 90 MFX that are all fully compatible with ZENOLOGY and supported ZEN-Core hardware.

Deep MIDI and audio power at your fingertips.

The Zenbeats ecosystem offers tons of time-saving tools to document, edit, and refine your ideas. Quickly capture and play sounds with LoopBuilder, or use a traditional approach with the Timeline view for more sophisticated arrangements and automation options.

Fresh sounds. Fresh ideas.

The Zenbeats Store is loaded with sounds, loops, and creative tools to expand your musical palette. Whatever sound or genre you’re chasing, the Zenbeats Store has you covered. All sounds are royalty-free and new tones are added weekly.

Mix and match.

With the full-screen mixer view, it’s simple to control volume, filter, panning, and more. Browse through 17 native FX, EQ tracks to your liking, and balance all your audio, instrument, and drum tracks from one streamlined location.

Easy Sharing.

Effortless transfers between phone, tablet, and desktop make the distance between you and your finished product even shorter. Use Google Drive™ or OneDrive to share Zenbeats projects and export stems and loops for use in other DAWs.

Free, unlock, or membership. The choice is yours.

With the free version of Zenbeats, you get music production essentials plus the ability to purchase additional loops and presets in the Zenbeats Store. When you’re ready to expand, there are three ways to unlock the full Zenbeats experience:

Platform Unlock: Get all features, instruments, and effects on your favorite platform. Platform Unlock includes over 2,500 presets, loops, and sounds (2.5 GB), ZR1 Drum Sampler with sampling/editing, ZC1 Synthesizer with 90 built-in MFX, full SampleVerse modular synthesizer with editor, VST/AU/AUv3 support, and unlimited mixing and export capabilities.

Max Unlock: Get all features, instruments, effects, and store packs on all platforms and devices.

Roland Cloud Membership: All Roland Cloud membership tiers include Zenbeats Max Unlock. All memberships come with Zenbeats Max Unlock for as little as $2.99 USD per month.