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Version: 4.0.9
Sounds: Strings, Ethnic
Updated: 03 June, 2022
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iShala is an Indian music mobile app that provides flawless accompaniment for classical music practice, be it vocal, instrumental or rhythmic. It features:

• tanpura (x6)
• tabla
• swarmandal
• harmonium
• manjeera (x3)

all fully customisable in practice sessions that can then be loaded on demand. It effectively replaces a tabla machine, a lehra player and an electronic tanpura. It is therefore an ideal tool for anyone practicing Indian classical music, or just wishing to jam along virtual Indian musicians on any other musical style.

iShala includes over 60 rhythmic cycles, melodies in more than 110 ragas and 7 different tempos. You can also create your own ragas and fine-tune each of their notes at micro-tones (or shrutis) level. Possible combinations are thus nothing short of endless!

Along with accompaniment, iShala now also corrects your pitch*! Sing/play freely or over a harmonium melody and iShala will highlight any discrepancy from the correct note. This is an incredible tool to improve your pitch accuracy.

iShala has a pay once, use forever policy. A Premium* In-App purchase option gives you additional functionality under the same terms.

* Included with PREMIUM option (In-App Purchase):

• 4 additional tanpuras
• a low pitch tabla
• 3 additional manjeeras
• pitch detection to make sure you sing/play on the right note
• autotune session by pitch recognition

Some sweet words from our users:

"Best tanpura app. Concert like. Fully satisfied. I think incomparable with others. Price also reasonable compared to others. Anyone can perform even on stage with this app."

"Amazing tool for your daily solo practice. Thanks for this help for music students. Love it, God bless"

"This app is best investment for Indian classical musicians. I own this app for almost 4 years and I would say it's value for money. It is best app for riyaz with amazing tabla and tanpura."

"After using this app for more than 1 year I am writing genuine review about this app. Wonderful service from the team. Even when I had queries and when I was in need of assistance, they replied through Email and helped me within 10 minutes. App is wonderful which I am using for my music practice, it's helping me a lot. If u are a true music learner, I would recommend this. Thanks a lot to the team members and developers of this IShala app."

"This is the best app all over the world in play store for hindustani classical musician and learner"

"Excellent app. Best for riyaz. Fine sounds. Perfectly tuned instruments."

"Just one word... Perfect !!"

"Excellent App. Wonderful to do Riyaz with this App. Best on the market. Well worth the price. Well done to the developers."


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