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Patterning for iPhone

Version: 1.2.1
Sounds: Drums, Percussion
Updated: 30 March, 2022
$3.99 $4.99     Download on the App Store

Working on an iPad? Get Patterning 2 instead for heaps of additional features.

PATTERNING, the award winning circular drum machine, is now available on iPhone in a streamlined, phone-optimized form.

As beautiful as it is powerful, Patterning is a deep and flexible drum machine unlike any you’ve encountered before. With its elegant circular interface, Patterning transforms your phone into a seriously inspiring tool for making beats.

Create dynamic drum patterns with the swipe of a finger. Make evolving, poly-metric rhythms, four-on-the-floor dance party jams, or laid back R&B grooves. Use Patterning’s independent loop settings to explore untapped rhythmic possibilities. Automate parameters to create intricate & complex beats. Record beats. Choose from hundreds of free factory and user created drum kits. Connect to your rig with Inter-App Audio, MIDI, and Ableton Link. Export your beats to perfect audio loops or directly to an Ableton Live Set.

Patterning for iPhone gives you access to the most popular and useful features of the full Patterning 2 for on-the-go beat making.

8 Independent Loops Per Pattern
Unlimited Patterns
Automation Layers like Coarse Tune, Ratcheting, and more.
MIDI Output
Export to Ableton Live Set - Comes with Ableton Live 11 Lite
Export Perfect Audio Loops in WAV or AIFF format, Stereo or Multitrack Output
Export Songs to Patterning 2
Import Songs and Drumkits from Patterning 2 (some limitations apply)
Ableton Link
MIDI Clock Send and Receive
Inter-App Audio Clock
Multi-track Inter-App Audio Output
Hundreds of free factory and user created drum kits
Quantize Pattern Launch
Haptic Feedback!

And more!

Important Note for iPad owners ----- Please check out Patterning 2 if you wish to use this app on the iPad. Patterning 2 is the full-featured, full-screen, big sibling to this phone version, and includes many, many, many additional features. The phone version is streamlined and simplified to fit on your phone's screen.