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SDS-x — Simple Drum Sampler

Version: 2.0.5
Sounds: Drums, Percussion
Updated: 27 July, 2022
Free     Download on the App Store

SDS-x is the most fun you’ll have with a drum machine on iOS!

SDS-x is a drum machine that makes it easy to play drum samples and fun to make beats. SDS-x is also extremely feature rich, with advanced controls for crafting your sound and building complex sequences. Whether this is your first iOS music app or you are an avid AUv3 enthusiast, SDS-x has something for you.

SDS-x can be played by tapping the pads or by using the sequencer to program a beat.


- Get started quickly with one of the 30+ factory kits.
- Program beats with a fun and unique sequencer.
- Build kits from nearly 200 factory samples.
- Drag and drop samples over pads to load sounds.
- Mix your pads and add effects with intuitive controls.
- Host SDS-x in your favorite iOS DAW as an AUv3 plug-in.
- Play with others using MIDI and Ableton Link
- Export pattern audio as WAV file to use in any DAW! (PRO)


- Make a beat using the intuitive, sixteen-step sequencer.
- Add variation with “per step” controls for velocity and note multiplier.
- Get the feel right with swing and quantize parameters.
- Switch things up with 16 patterns per kit.
- Make a song by chaining up to 128 patterns.
- Create complex polymeters with “per track” sequence length.

- SDS-x has nine pads, each with two sample layers.
- Custom name and color for each pad.
- Per sample controls for: pitch, pan, and level.
- Per pad controls for: trigger mode, sample mode, loop, mono/poly, mute group, velocity, MIDI receive, MIDI send.
- Trigger modes: one-shot, gate, toggle, and retrigger 8th to 64th triplet.
- Sample modes: mix, rotate, random, velocity switch, velocity mix.
- Global velocity modes: top, center, fixed, pressure.

- SDS-x comes fully loaded with nearly 200 samples, recorded and edited by Simple Drum Samples.
- Import your own sounds from the Files app to expand your sample library. (PRO)

- Control pad levels, pan, mute, solo, and effects sends with the in-app mixer.
- Five FX types: delay (send), reverb (send), high pass filter, low pass filter, and “master” effect for getting LOUD.
- Full screen pads mode for improved experience on smaller devices.
- Hard pan option for metronome to run click and samples to FOH on separate channels.

- Use one of the 30+ factory kits.
- Save your work as a user kit. (PRO)
- Drag and drop samples from your in-app library onto a pad to load samples.
- Intuitive XY pad for controlling FX parameters.
- Double tap and long press actions for most controls to speed up workflow.
- Dual menu view on iPad.

- Comes with AUv3 plugin. Play SDS-x alongside your other music apps!
- Keep time with other devices using Ableton Link.
- Connect wirelessly using Bluetooth MIDI.
- Pads can send and receive MIDI, so you can play with external gear!
- Share user kits via AirDrop, iMessage, and more. (PRO)

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