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Version: 1.2
Technology: Audiobus
Sounds: Other
Updated: 24 July, 2015
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Make music like you’ve never seen: Draw lines, curves even squiggles to precisely input a note’s pitch and volume. Copy, flip, flop, stretch and squeeze your paths to see grooves like you’ve never heard. Sync your grooves to GarageBand to perform DJ-style live jams like you’ve never imagined.

What’s new in ScratchVox:

• New easier and precise stretch and squeeze of paths
• AudioBus enabled
• iOS 8 compatible
• Numerous other tweaks and fixes

Some of our user comments:

“I can’t leave it alone ...”
– SoundTestRoom review

“hello, i love the app, im a producer from budapest, hungary. i've used scratchvox's sexy sax on our new album, and now hungarian radios begin to play the song with the sax solo in it. thanks”
– Titusz

“... I've been having a blast with this app ... It offers a unique experience and it's nice you can actually do something with it ... Just how much fun it is to play with makes it worth the download alone ... ... This thing is pretty wild.”
– Annalog in the DiscChord comments

“... Very usable and unusual results ... Stupid/cool/exotic things you can do with pitch.”
– Stub in the DiscChord comments

“... Loving your app ... Keep up the good work ...”
– Josh user feedback