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Tin Pan Rhythm

Version: 1.1
Author: Tin Pan
Sounds: All-in-one
Updated: 03 September, 2015
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Bring song ideas to life with Tin Pan Rhythm.

"It's simple. It's great. It sounds great as well." -
"Tin Pan Rhythm is a very clever little app." -
"What a great way to help teach theory, arranging and composing!" - iPadMusicEd
"This app has been a HUGE hit with my students of all ages!" - Leila Viss,

Compose and arrange short musical phrases through a process of play and discovery.

Create a chord progression, then arrange the band on the fly. Tin Pan Rhythm guides you along.

Save and load your phrases without breaking the beat.

Use your creations as background music, inspiration for songs, or as practice loops for your real-life instrument.

Record and share your music or use it inside your favorite apps.

Nerdery: Audiobus, InterApp audio, Dropbox, AudioCopy, Audioshare.

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