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Version: 1.0
Technology: Audiobus
Sounds: Other
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Are you looking for true solution for playing good, live music using you're mobile device?

SamplePad gives you most flexible solution, checked by real musicians, djs and creators.

SamplePad was made by INDIE development studio, that's why it shows new fresh ideas in field of finger drumming on mobile.

Application was created to give you freedom of playing anywhere and anytime, that's why UI was designed specifically to work without any additional hardware (but midi controllers are also supported).


Some of the features:
- adjustable pad grid (up 20x20!),
- adjustable effect panel with instant effects buttons and momentary option,
- 6 effects onboard: reverb, echo, filter, pitch 1, distortion, pitch 2,
- sample and session recording,
- compatibility with Audiobus,
- built with efficient and low battery consumption audio engine,
- custom preset creation and adjustment,
- possibility to load whole sample directory to the preset,
- sample position change in preset with simple drag'n'drop,
- fullscreen mode (you can adjust application to show only padds and the screen and still be able to switch in easy and fast way your presets),
- side gestures for changing presets and toggle fullscreen mode,
- choke option (e.g. open/close hihats),
- works also in background mode (iphone screen can be turned off and you can still play with your midi controller),
- preview samples while browsing,
- orientation lock,
- advanced multitouch (you can play on one pad with multiple fingers),
- swipe option (you can swipe on pad grid with multiple fingers),
- MIDI controllers support,
- easy custom samples import using any iphone cable and itunes,
- easy backup possibility using itunes,
- one free demo preset,
- ...

We want to improve SamplePad in order to make it better for our users, so please feel free to request any new cool feature!


Next planned features:
- cloud backup and recovery,
- social sharing with recorded songs,
- custom effects selection for each preset,
- MIDI mapping,
- advanced sample adjustment (attack, release, etc.),
- more cool FREE and paid sound presets!


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