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Universal Piper-Pocket Bagpipe

Version: 1.0
Sounds: Winds
Updated: 15 January, 2018
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Ever wanted to have the REEEAAALL ROAR of a genuine bagpipes in your pocket and play it with your electronic MIDI chanter ? To be able to play a perfectly tuned bagpipe ?

Universal Piper is a virtual instrument that reproduces faithfully the Sound of legendary bagpipes :
An Irish Uileann Pipe, two Great Highland Bagpipes and a Galician Gaita.
These sounds come from marvelous genuine Bagpipes recorded with great care.

Listen to Universal Piper on the website or SoundCloud :

You can use Universal Piper different ways:
- to play Bagpipe with your electronic MIDI chanter/keyboard or on your iPhone/iPad screen,
- to accompany you playing your practice with great bagpipe drones,
- to listen to electronic scores in MIDI (file extension .MID) or BWW format (file extension .BWW)

Full Feature List :
- genuine natural and perfectly tuned bagpipe sound with and without effects,
- start/stop the drones,
- tuning control of the bagpipe,
- key control of the bagpipe +/- 12 semi-tones,
- drone/chanter balance control,
- piano like keyboard,
- BWW and MIDI file reader with tempo and BWW articulation control,
- metronome,
- coreMIDI compatible devices supported,
- Inter App Audio compatibility,
- MIDI keyboard and practice supported,
- background play mode to use another app while playing (for example : display a score)

List of the supported MIDI practices and their fingerings:
- Degerpipe : standard, extended,
- Degerpipe II : standard, extended,
- Degerpipe II+ : baroque, bechonnet, medieval, gaita, gaita extended,
- E-Pipe 15 : standard,
- Master Gaita : standard, asturian, french, GHB, galician, galician extended,
- OpenPipes : Bb3=MIDI 60,
- Redpipe : GHB standard, GHB minimal, GHB extended, France, gaita extended,
- Technopipe : GHB, asturian, galician closed, galician open, french half-closed, veuze, welsh, SSP, baghet, biniou, belarus, swedish, estonian, medieval, northumbrian, bulgarian, english
- Trino : Standard,
- Hevia : Standard
- p2chanter : GHB and smallpipes
- Generic Midi Chanter : Bb3=MIDI 70

Note : the technochanter is NOT a MIDI chanter therefore not compatible.

For optimal reactivity using a MIDI instrument, ipad, ipod touch 6 or iphone 5s or later is advised.

An adapter, not included, is required to connect your MIDI instrument to your device.