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Loopacks - Make Music Happen

Version: 1.62
Technology: Audiobus
Sounds: Drums, Percussion, DJ, Other
Updated: 16 August, 2018
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Loopacks is the best Free Loop Machine out there!
Amazing loops & Samples in many different genres, all in perfect sync. Make your own music and share it with the world!

Loopacks FREE Drum & Loop Machine, a GREAT Music app for all iOS devices!

There’s no need to have a musical background to create your own awesome remix! You can start right away and create your own Music with Loopacks. Want to create awesome beats, loops and tracks? Music creation is super easy and fun! Be a top DJ with Loopacks!

What can you do with Loopacks?

* Play around with the pads and get the party started!

* Recording and sharing your recordings has never been simpler.

* Make some beats and create professional sounding tracks!

* Perfect to create professional sounding tracks.

Make beats and mix tracks from various musical genres using exclusive sounds. Loopacks contains the highest quality pre-synchronized loops and beats that ensure your recorded tracks will sound great. Each Loopack has 32 sounds: drum machine loop, synth, vocals, baselines, guitars, percussions, and 16 single one-shot sounds. You can use these sounds as either a loop or a single shot to jam away.

Hear what our users have to say about this awesome loop machine:

*****"Greatest Beat Maker Ever”*****

*****"After 5 minutes I felt like a professional DJ”*****

*****"Amazing App! Great for music lovers"*****

*****"Moments after playing with this app I noticed it's greatness”*****

Create professional sounding tracks easily in a wide range of genres according to your own style and preference. This DJ studio app enables you to record and create a unique and outstanding music tracks. With only a few steps: tap, slide, and play with the FX, you will be able to create amazing recordings. Upload your track to Soundcloud or DropBox, Share the links to your friends, and get the party started!


1. Download FREE for LIMITED TIME. All Recording are your to keep and share.
2. Preloaded with FOUR FREE Loopacks: Atmosphere, Electro Blues, Deep House, Power House
3. Each pack contains 16 pads synched loops and 16 single beats and sounds so you will get a total of 32 sounds, including: bass, drums, synths, piano, kicks, vocals, and others.
4. Featured sound packs from TOP DJs, well known musicians and producers.
5. Optimized for music recording performance. Just tap record and GO!
6. Loopacks supports AudioBus. Record Loopacks into your favorite music app.
7. Extremely user friendly! So easy to use that you don’t need any prior experience.


Beats and Sounds available for Loopacks, preloaded or by in-app purchase include:

· Deep house
· Trance
· Psy-trance
· House
· Techno
· Middle eastern
· Electro Blues
· Dubstep
· Glitch Hop
· Chill Out Hop
· Jungle Terror
· Melbourne bounce
· many more coming to you regularly!


LISTEN TO LOOPACKS USER RECORDINGS to get an idea of what our dj studio app is capable of:

- Enable and Disable loops with the tap of a finger
- Simultaneously play with single drums and sounds while playing loops
- Reverb, Filter, and more effects controlled via X-Y pad
- Open Audio-Bus and Connect Loopacks to your favorite Music App to expand your possibilities.
- Edit your recording’s name and album cover easily.
- Gain exposure to your creation through Loopacks community
- Share seamlessly via Soundcloud & social media integration

There is nothing you can’t do with this powerful beat and loop machine! Combine sounds and make a track, drop a beat, remix your music, mix your track, or just setup a loop and Jam on Top of it. No need to spend thousands of dollars of studio equipment just to make your dreams to create music in a DJ studio come true when you can download and use Loopacks for FREE.

We love and appreciate our users. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or just want to say hello to us, please feel free to contact us.

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