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Mogees Pro

Version: 1.0
Sounds: Other
Updated: 17 August, 2018
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This app requires a Mogees Pro or Play sensor, available from

Mogees combines a vibration sensor with revolutionary music software, transforming any object into a unique musical instrument.

Turn a tree into a harp. Turn a table into a drumkit. Turn a chair into a MIDI controller. Mogees gives you an entire world of new creative possibilities

Mogees is fully compatible with Audiobus & Inter-App Audio

Attach the Mogees sensor to any object and plug it into your iOS device or computer. The vibrations you create when playing the object will be transformed into musical sound.

The Mogees software includes 4 sound engines using a mixture of physical modelling and synthesis techniques.

Mogees is innovative in its use of machine learning for music creation. By training the app to recognise and distinguish between different types of gestures, you can define your own way of playing. Gestures such as scratches, taps, strikes, or hits can be assigned to unique sounds or notes.

What the press are saying:
Wired "Turns every surface into an interactive board"
MIT Technology Review "It's an ingenious approach"
Extreme Tech "The sci-fi touch interface of the future"
Engaget "Create music on any surface"
CNN "The whole world can become your orchestra!"