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Drum Loops by Steve Gadd

Version: 1.2
Sounds: Drums, Percussion
Updated: 25 July, 2019
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Drum loops by Steve Gadd, one of the best known and finest drummers in the world unleashes his groove and feel, play along or compose with a true master of his craft!

Play along or record your own songs with the best studio drummer in the world! Steve Gadd Loops is one of a kind, the first time the celebrity drummer (James Taylor, Chick Corea, Paul Simon) comes to IOS with 4 bar drum loops for you to copy/paste into your DAW or to play along with! It features full Audiobus and Inter App Audio support. A perfect partner for GB, loops and fills follow GB tempo!. Click "...More" to learn why you should download this App today!

Perfect for songwriters, producers, teachers and fans…… a one time opportunity to play along with as legend. hundreds of loops and fills played by the absolute master of his craft. Steve has recorded in his fav tempos and styles, providing you with signature ‘feel’ grooves that have set Steve aside long ago from his colleagues. Copy any loop to any paste equipped DAW for songwriting or play loops within the app as a ‘human metronome’ for practicing.
If you use GB as your DAW of choice you get an incredible advantage, you can copy a loop or fill into GB and from there on change the tempo and maintaining Steve’s feel!

* Steve Gadd in your back pocket!
* Introduction video by Steve himself
* All loops are 4 bars in length giving you a very natural sense of groove and feel and less repetition than normal
* Copy/paste to your favorite multi tracker!
* Ability to change loops and fills in tempo in Garageband!
* Audiobus compatible
* Inter App Audio compatible
* Play along for as long as you want and enjoy Steve’s groove. (all grooves loop perfectly in the app itself)
* Performed, recorded and built only for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
* Famous grooves chapter with some of his signature feel grooves on hits we all know
* Loops in 4/4, 6/8, ballads plus a special chapter with brushes loops, performed with his own unique technique
* Uncut, not time stretched, not chopped but actual high end recordings
* 360 degree videos included, check out Steve and the studio in VR
* Audio quality: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit (cd). For copying to any multi tracker including GB.
* All loops and fills actually played in all bpms, by a living legend
* Copies loops to any DAW, all loops offered in 2 formats, WAV and Apple Loops

Every loop or fill is available in 2 distinct mixes, a close miked ‘dry’ mix and a ‘room mics added’ version, giving you the option to choose or to combine both sounds within the environment of your sequencer.

Full content:

Every chapter comes in a wide range of tempos including:

* Steve’s favorite tempos - 88, 88 plus cowbell (signature!), 108, 116 plus cowbell and 124, 8 to 10 loops each
* Famous grooves - 8 loops played as an homage to the originals Steve performed on like 50 WAYS, LATE IN THE EVENING, ROOF GARDEN, AJA……
* Brushes - 80, 90, 104 (half time and regular time), 108 and 126 bpm grooves, 10 loops each
* 4/4 grooves - 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120 bpm grooves, 10 each plus 6 fills per tempo
* Ballads - 62 and 72 bpm grooves, 10 each plus 6 fills per tempo
* 6/8 grooves - performed at 110 and 130 bpm (eight note is 110/130), 6 grooves each plus 6 fills
* Ending drum fills (3) plus crashes (6) to complete your arrangement and to add crashes after fills!
* 360 videos of Steve performing grooves and improv (including 50 ways to leave your lover)……..look around in the studio where the app was recorded
* About Steve Gadd - full bio on Steve’s career
* Instructions - the company’s page on ‘how to’ with tips and tricks
* Mic list and credits
* Other apps page

In fact, a revolutionary app with a living legend on drums! The most sought after studio and live drummer for the last couple of decades unleashes his feel for the world to have and to enjoy!

See this app in action here: (support site with trailers)
Also you will find DAW specific instructions on this site.