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Indie Drum Loops

Version: 4.2
Technology: Audiobus
Sounds: Drums, Percussion
Updated: 06 September, 2019
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.Designed to be efficient and effective. It’s flat-out driving straight-ahead, hard-hitting drum. Created by an indie developer for all musicians. Slamming beats and furious fills with brutal breakdowns with a single tap switch from intro, verse, chorus, breakdown, fills and outro sections. Big buttons designed for live play-ability and simple design for the zero learning curve. Open with Audiobus play along with other apps and record. The difference between a beat machine and a drum machine is this app loops quality drums recorded by a professional drummer in a studio when drum machines just play single sounds and are computerized, complicated, and lack feel and musicality. For less than a dollar have a beat machine in your pocket with HQ drum loops with natural drum loops in a highly organized structure.
This is a beat machine, a drum machine plays individual sounds that you have to sequence together. We did the hard part so you can focus on making music.
I am an indie developer, I don't have a million-dollar ad campaign. I depend on people like you, If you like the app please share.