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Xequence AU | Pads

Version: 1.2.0
Updated: 16 August, 2022
$2.99     Download on the App Store

IMPORTANT: This app is targeted at music production enthusiasts and requires an AUv3 Audio Unit Host to run! It does not do ANYTHING on its own! Also note that this app does not make any sound, it is a controller for other apps that do!

Xequence AU | Pads is an expressive and fully editable (drum) pad surface for use inside AU (Audio Unit) hosts like AUM, Cubasis, apeMatrix, etc.

It features the same, widely acclaimed pad editor that users of Xequence, our advanced MIDI workstation, have grown to love.


- Very playable, fully editable drum pads
- Comes with 40+ factory drum maps for popular apps / hardware
- Custom maps can be created and saved as user presets
- Freely adjustable map size, from 1 x 1 all the way to 8 x 8 (64 pads) and anything in between
- "Glide" mode for triggering pads by sliding between them
- Velocity emulation (via tap position, several modes and curves to choose from)
- Configurable global color and MIDI channel
- Each pad can also be assigned its own color and/or MIDI channel
- "Zoom to pad" feature to make any single pad fullscreen temporarily for more expressive playing
- Automatically adapts to nearly any plugin window size or aspect ratio
- Extremely fast and light on resources
- Unlimited instances
- Very robust MIDI and touch implementation, copes easily with aggressive playing styles
- Full support for AU presets (and state saving / restoration) in the host


- Any number of MIDI CCs (controllers) can be freely configured and shown as touch ribbons next to the pads
- A number of standard controller numbers (such as 74 = Cutoff, 7 = Volume etc.) are included and can be set with a single tap


The following special modes can be set per controller:

- DEVICE ROTATION - controller moves according to device rotation
- GATE - controller can be set to a default position, and then tapped anywhere to toggle it to that position and back (think "Trance gates")

Please report any issues via our website, we provide quick and comprehensive support!