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Midiflow Randomizer (Audiobus‪)‬

Version: 1.0.5
Type: Other
Technology: Audiobus
Updated: 01 December, 2020
$1.99     Download on the App Store

Whether you want to add a human touch to note sequences or seek inspiration, this MIDI effect app for Audiobus 3 is a simple but effective tool for you. Randomize notes, note velocities, and timing just by specifying a desired range of variations. With the help of Midiflow Scales, you can keep your randomized notes in harmony.

+ Randomize notes
+ Randomize note velocities
+ Randomize timing
+ Specify an amount of variation for each type
+ Use multiple instances of this effect in Audiobus

NOTE: This app requires Audiobus 3. Insert it into one or more MIDI effect ports to affect the data going through the respective pipelines.