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MIDI Expression Pedal

Version: 1.1
Type: Other
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 02 March, 2021
Free     Download on the App Store

Great flexibility when using MIDI and working with your DAW.
A cardboard pedal and your iPhone are the perfect combination for controlling MIDI.
Durability? No worries.

The Cardboard MIDI Pedal is a simple and cost-effective way of creating music and control MIDI using your smartphone.
It’s a secure, wireless device that will allow you to control VST / AudioUnit plug-ins and set parameters in your DAW using your iPhone with the MIDI Expression Pedal app.

The app enables hands-free MIDI control. It converts the movement of your foot into a stream of MIDI messages. That’s why it’s an indispensable tool for controlling thousands of VST plug-ins.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.
You will need a cardboard pedal for it to work properly.
This is the first and only pedal built 100% from renewable resources.
This unique DIY pedal design is made of cardboard. It’s perfect for fans of minimal and environmentally-friendly products, and above all, musicians who want to play using VST.
From now on, they can control MIDI using an iPhone and cardboard – a unique, durable material.

While cardboard is often a type of material associated with packaged goods and boxes, it can also be used in a unique way for other purposes, and when combined with the iPhone’s capabilities, it gives amazing results.
The container, in this case, becomes the content.

Your iPhone and the MIDI Expression Pedal app are the heart of your controller.
Pair your iPhone with your MacBook and place it in the cardboard pedal.

The pedal is superbly designed.
We recommend the Certified Cardboard Pedal Kit. It is a complete set produced by us that you can buy and assemble according to the attached instructions. You can buy it at
It is made with great care and attention to detail, thanks to which it is extremely strong and durable after folding.
You can also download the design files for free from and follow the instructions there to make the pedal yourself.

You will need a cardboard box, scissors, and about 15 minutes.
There is also a short video on the site which shows the assembly steps.

The MIDI Footswitch app is also available.

◦ MIDI Output Settings
    - MIDI Channel
    - MIDI Message Type
        ∙ Control Change (CC)
∙ Pitch Bend
∙ After-touch (Channel Pressure)
- MIDI Output Range
- Reversed Mode
◦ Movement Range Calibration
◦ Wireless MIDI Connections:
- Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi
MIDI Connection Guide:

◦ Mac computer with macOS
(for Windows hosts we recommend using a compatible solution: rtpMIDI)