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Version: 1.0
Author: auDSPr
Type: Other
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
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auSCOPE X is the Smart Audio Oscilloscope that lets you see your sound clearly and quickly. Its Two Channel Design lets you look at stereo audio waveforms in real time in glorious pixel-accurate resolution.

auSCOPE X has a sophisticated, full-featured Trigger System which allows you to capture a wide variety of audio signals quickly and easily. It’s FAST - the carefully thought out engine yields absolute minimum latency from when you HEAR your sound to when you SEE its waveform, so your user experience is snappy and satisfying. The simple yet powerful interface is designed for precise, intuitive control over your traces. It’s VERSATILE - auSCOPE X works as either an AUv3 Audio Unit Extension or a Stand-Alone App.

Whether you're a beginner who's just learning sound or a seasoned audio expert, auSCOPE X is an Essential App in your Audio Tool Box.

We hope you enjoy it and we’re excited to see the cool things that you do with auSCOPE X!


- Two Channel Audio Oscilloscope
- Beautifully-rendered, pixel-accurate, frame-accurate, sample-accurate traces in high contrast colors make every detail easy to see
- Way higher resolution than a hardware oscilloscope
- Hideable controls eliminate screen clutter so you can focus on what matters most - your traces
- Touchable Trigger Dot lets you quickly and easily lock onto your signals
- 3 Trigger Modes (Auto, Normal, & Single) give you the versatility to capture a variety of signal types - from a single drum hit to a full rhythm pattern to an evolving synth
- Pausable Trigger System lets you view and enjoy a trace as long as you want
- Zoom In & Out on both Trace Height and Width
- Scroll Horizontally to see after and before the Trigger Event (Pre-Trigger Viewing)
- 9 Selectable Trace Colors allow you to color-code your sessions

- AUv3 Audio Unit Extension or Stand-Alone App
- Verified to work great in AUv3 Hosts such as GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, apeMatrix, BeatMaker 3, & Auria Pro
- As a Stand-Alone App audio can be passed through to iPad's built-in speakers, Headphone/Line Out, or to any iOS-compatible USB audio interface connected to the Lightning or USB-C jack
- auSCOPE X works on iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch - auSCOPE X is a Universal App
- auDSPr strived to design Apps for Everyone
- Languages: All auDSPr audio apps support for 简体中文, Español, русский, 日本語, Français, Deutsch, Svenska, Latviešu
- Accessibility Features
- VoiceOver screen reader support assists visually impaired users


- Sound design
- See and understand attack transients
- View individual cycles of synthesizer waveforms as they evolve
- Use Single Trigger Mode to capture 1-shot sounds such as drum hits
- Test, characterize, or troubleshoot audio equipment
- Audio education
- Ear training
- Impressing your friends and family


- auSCOPE X passes your audio signal through untouched - sample for sample, bit for bit - so there is zero signal degradation
- Audio signal path uses state of the art Double Precision 64-bit Floating Point for maximum accuracy
- Stereo In, Stereo Out
- Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, & 96 kHz sample rates
- User Guide embedded in App - no internet connection required to read it


- Compatible with iOS 9.0 & up (iPad 2, iPad mini (1st Generation) iPhone 4s, iPod touch (5th Generation), & up)
- Support way back to iOS 9 means auSCOPE X works on every iPad model except one - the very first iPad
Breathe new life into your old iPad by using auSCOPE X to make it a dedicated, precision audio oscilloscope.
- AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions require iPad 4, iPad mini 2, and up
- 88.2 & 96 kHz sample rate require iOS-compatible USB audio interface connected to the Lightning or USB-C jack