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Version: 1.24
Type: Other
Technology: Audiobus
Updated: 06 October, 2021
$5.99     Download on the App Store

CR-8k is a full featured vintage drum machine with programmable features and built-in effects.

Holding the simplicity of eighties instruments and carrying their raw heritage to you, it turns your device into a pocket beat making companion.
I believe that designing a pure interface, simply displaying your machine without any distraction, was the best way to reflect the spirit of the period it was born.

Warning !
A CR-8k is actually very easy to operate and to play with but still tricky to program.
Please refer to corresponding documentation or just take the challenge !

Main characteristics :

- 13 Original high quality double-samples
- 24 Combinable preset patterns
- 8 Programmable patterns
- 8 Preset fill-ins
- 4 Programmable fill-ins
- 8 Arranger variations
- 2 Rhythm memory registers
- Shuffle mode (3/4 signature)
- Separated voice section volumes
- Gradual and programmable accentuation
- Full machine state auto-save
- Programs and selections auto-save
- Background audio playback enabled
- Audiobus V3
- InterApp audio
- Bluetooth LE midi

Bonuses accessible in your device settings :

- Unleash all-purpose LCD rather than only displaying the tempo
- Alter the way the patterns are played simultaneously
- Alternative « Rock » drum kit with integrated effects
- Built-in instruments effects : « Stereo pan » and « Jungle tune »
- Built-in audio effects : « Equalizer » and « Distortion »
- Built-in global effects : « Delay » and « Reverb »
- Mute any instrument
- Prevent any instrument from being affected by accents
- 4 Synchronized register auto-switching modes

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I love it ;-)