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Version: 1.1.1
Type: Other
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 14 October, 2021
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The Creative Gate Sequencer

Gatelab is a creative gate sequencer, volume Modulation generator and beyond.

You can choose from a variety of randomization modes, density values, Flow or Gate mode and Built-in presets.
Gatelab randomizes a unique combination of parameters and is delivering ever-evolving patterns and endless rhythmic effects.

Chop up any audio signal through a number of music-creation and sound-mangling features. and generate fresh new ideas on the spot.
It can also send MIDI data, giving it the ability to control or randomize parameters in other plugins.

Gatelab is an endlessly variable Gate Sequencer available for Mac, PC and iOS devices as Standalone & AUv3 Audio Unit plugin.