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Version: 4.7.23
Type: Other
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 26 September, 2022
$19.99     Download on the App Store

Authentic 80's synth sounds for your iPad.

Standalone and AUv3 80's synthesizer instrument. Accurate Juno 60 emulation.
All sounds are generated in real time without any samples. The synth supports normal MIDI and the newer MPE standard. MPE pressure and brightness modulation intensity can be controlled in the CONTROL section of the synth. MPE Pitch uses +-48 semitones. MPE does not work when the arpeggiator is enabled.
All synth parameters support MIDI learn and can be controlled with a hardware MIDI controller.
The presets are compatible with the desktop version and a lot of preset banks by third party companies are available for this instrument.

Starting the standalone version automatically copies the presets from the document folder into the shared AUv3 sandbox folder.