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Version: 4.2
Type: Other
Technology: Audiobus
Updated: 02 December, 2021
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Composing your own songs has never been so easy!

simpliChords is a simple and intuitive scales, chords, voicings and progressions library. Just select a key and all informations you need will be shown on virtual keyboard. With just a single button you can listen how a chord sounds! Moreover, simpliChords lets you send everything you play to external instrument or other music application using Audiobus MIDI interface.


- 45 most popular music scales
- 54 chord types
- 59 awesome chord voicings
- 35 chord progressions effective in many genres
- progression builder
- interactive circle of fifths
- Audiobus MIDI support including modulation control and aftertouch
- simple and intuitive user interface

Impress your friends with extraordinary piano playing skills. Use interesting scales, chords, voicings and progressions which raise your music to a new level. With simpliChords you can do it today!