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Version: 2.0.5
Updated: 10 January, 2022
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Nodal is an iPad sampler based on the research of Andrey Markov, a Russian mathematician who lived a very long time ago and had a very crazy beard. You know what else is crazy? The sounds you'll get from this iPad app. Just pick some of the gnarly sounds included with it or record your own and link them together to hear the sweet sounds of probability theory.

VERSION 2.0 is out!

First of all, a new look, designed to maximize creativity without sacrificing the nerdiest features.
Second: Nodal 2.0.0 (that's right, it has two decimal points) has been redesigned from the ground up for extensibility and long term compatibility with new iOS features.
Third: The audio engine has been swapped out for AudioKit:
Fourth: Actual sample editing, cut, copy and paste those waveforms! Or get crazy and play it in reverse!

Still to come:
Inter-app audio will be replaced with Audio Unit Extensions.
Ableton Link.
Audio Fusion will be back soon (in it's own screen), we wanted to make it faster and better before releasing it.
More effects! AudioKit let's us add new effects quickly and easily.