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WHAALE Multiroom Player

Version: 1.10.14
Type: Other
Technology: Audiobus
Updated: 20 January, 2022
$9.99     Download on the App Store

You can have your music where you want it, when you want it - all around your home as you move from room to room on any Airplay™ device

The WHAALE Multiroom Player makes it easy for you!

Get your all around the home music experience up and running, easily and in minutes, right now!

• Download the app for a free test drive
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Join the large and established community of happy WHAALE customers enjoying the greatest audio experience all around their homes. They like having their music where they want it, when they want it – and they say it’s easy and quick to set up.

What makes WHAALE special and different?
With our app you can:
- Play music/ambient-sounds on up to 6 AirPlay™ speakers simultaneously (*) and (**)
- Listen to one song on multiple speakers in different rooms (multiroom mode)

- Listen to different songs on different speakers (multizone mode)
- Have all the excitement of listening to multiple songs/sounds on multiple speakers in the same room (using ambient mode…you might have the latest tracks from Cuba backed up by ambient street sounds from Old Havana, for example)
- Benefit from a special intuitive multi-touch interface…unlike other apps on the market this is the only one allowing you to see a clear visual display of all your speakers and music choices right in front of you!

And there’s more…
You get:
- A smart widget for the ‘Today View’ in the notification center…it lets you control the app while the application runs in the background
- A system ready to go with no setup needed - all the speakers are recognized automatically once they are available on your local network

- Full access to the music library on your iPad/iPhone/iPod (you do have to download iTunes Match/cloud items to your device before they can be played) - see for details
- The Deezer Music service brings a selection of over 30 million songs for your listening pleasure - see for details
- The Audiobus source which lets you play music that comes from other apps supported by it. See for details
- Our WHAALE Family Feature…it makes multiple WHAALE apps in the same network work together easily - see

----- Please note before you buy -----
By default, the app can play music:
- stored on your iOS device (but Apple Music is not supported, see below)
- provided by the Deezer Music service
- comes from Audiobus-compatible apps
- on up to 4 AirPlay speakers or the internal speaker of the iOS device.

It supports up to 6 speakers, internet radio and UPnP media servers, available as an In-App-Purchase.

-The app doesn’t work with Apple Music (because it’s DRM protected and can’t be played on third party apps).
-The WHAALE app only handles sound from other apps which are supported by the Audiobus app.
-You can’t play music on AirPlay speakers and the device’s internal speaker/docking station at the same time.
- Bluetooth speakers are not supported.

The WHAALE Multiroom Player supports all Airplay™ certified devices on the market and will run on iPad 2, 3, 4, Air/2, iPad Mini/2, iPhone 4/S, 5/S and 6/Plus and iPod touch 4 and 5 (see **).

Software-based AirPlay-implementations like Airfoil, XBMC, Reflector are not currently supported.
Please check for further information about multi room audio systems.

AirPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

* Needs an optional in-app-purchase; 4 speakers are activated free; further speakers will work in demo mode for 5 minutes.
** Due to the limitations the devices themselves up to 3 speakers maximum
are supported on the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch 4.