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Gain Stage Acoustic

Version: 1.0.6
Updated: 23 March, 2022
$5.99     Download on the App Store

Gain Stage Acoustic makes electric guitars sound acoustic and makes acoustic guitars with piezo pickups sound more natural. It includes input presets for a wide variety of magnetic and piezo pickups. Select the input type that most closely matches your guitar and pickup configuration, adjust to taste with the included eight band equalizer, and you're ready to go.

- Input profiles to support twenty different types of pickups
- Natural reverbs designed especially for acoustic guitar
- Stereo simulator to add guitar body resonance
- Peak limiter
- Hiss suppressor (based on multiband expander/noise gate)
- 8 Band EQ
- Includes both Audio Unit and standalone app

To get a good result, an acoustic guitar simulator needs to compensate for the EQ profile of the input pickup. This plugin includes over twenty customized input profiles for a variety of pickups and instruments including, various types of single coil and humbucking magnetic pickups, piezo pickups on acoustic guitars, piezo pickups on solid-body electric guitars, ukulele, and cigar box guitar. It also includes profiles for the acoustic guitar models in the popular GeoShred app.

Let's be honest: this app will not make your electric guitar sound like a 1930's Martin guitar recorded in a professional studio with a Neumann U87 condenser mic. But it will take any guitar with a magnetic or piezo pickup and make it sound much better and much closer to a natural acoustic tone. If you are playing acoustic style music through your iPad or iPhone with your guitar, you will hear a huge improvement in your tone when you use this app.