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Version: 1.2.0
Type: Other
Technology: Ableton Link
Updated: 11 March, 2023
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Use the existing sensors on your device or turn wearables like Apple Watch, AirPortsPro and Movesense into controllers. Become part of the circuitry and... Become Soundâ„¢ is a mobile, open world music platform that lets you create musical mappings from physical events, locations and IoT data. is a system for flexible processing of sensor data into MIDI and OSC. Connect your studio hardware and favourite music apps, VJ or lighting software, or make your own sounds with embedded Pure Data. A Holonic DMX Processing sketch is also available for Win/MacOS/Linux.

Holonist can automatically discover your Ableton Live, Reaktor or VCV Rack setup. You can easily run your patches on the same device using miRack from mifki. miRack includes all Holonic modules for complete integration with Download our free content patches and templates from features:
- User defined postures, movements and locations
- Step rate
- Heart rate (requires Apple Watch S3 or newer)
- Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, barometer
- Sensor data recording and playback
- Local weather
- Distance, speed, altitude
- Solar/lunar tracking
- Ableton Link
- Apple Watch app
- Apple AirPods Pro support (requires firmware 3A283 or newer)
- Apple Health integration for bio-informed performances
- Suunto Movesense support
- Bose AR Beta SDK integration
- Compatible with 2.4 Sink Eurorack module
- Estimote iBeacon support
- Embedded Pure Data for user patches
- JavaScript editor to retrieve and process external data