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Version: 1.2.1
Type: Other
Sounds: Drums, Percussion
Updated: 22 May, 2022
$7.99     Download on the App Store

polybeat is an advanced and extremely flexible drum and percussion sequencer able to generate complex polyrhythmic and polymetric rhythmic patterns.

nb: polybeat does not make sound by itself, you will need to load it in an AUv3-compatible host (such as AUM, Audiobus, ApeMatrix, Nanostudio 2, etc.) or connect it to an external drum machine, synthesizer, computer or any other sound generating device.

- independently configurable sequence length per drum voice (ranging from 1 to 32 steps)
- independently configurable step length per drum voice (ranging from double whole notes to 64th notes, including tuplets and dotted notes)
- every sequencer step can be modulated by the following attributes:
- accent on/off
- ratchet (note repeats)
- skip (note every *n* loops)
- chance
- timing offset
- sample-accurate sequencing engine
- slick and responsive native UI
- undo/redo
- individual drum voices can be muted or solo'ed
- sequences can be instantly transformed by the following actions:
- shift left/right
- rotate
- randomize
- mirror
- reverse
- double
- bisect
- full AUv3 preset- and state-saving
- ability to copy and paste patterns between instances of the plugin
- mapping presets for popular AUv3 drum apps and hardware drum machines
- includes musical scale presets for polybeat to be used as a melodic sequencer
- responds to MIDI input for switching and selecting patterns, as well as performing pattern transformations
- works offline
- no push notifications
- no ads or in-app purchases
- no third-party behavioural tracking tools
ongoing development and support, many new features on the roadmap